Harmonix polling fan interest in future Rock Band titles

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Harmonix polling fan interest in future Rock Band titles
How do you feel about Led Zeppelin getting their own Rock Band title? Maybe you'd be happier with Pink Floyd or The Eagles? Perhaps U2? Yeah, none of those sound particularly enthralling to us either. Thankfully, Harmonix gave us the option to write in our own choice (Flock of Seagulls, duh!) for a possible future artist-specific Rock Band title via a recent poll offered on the developer's forums. Not interested in more one-group/artist RB titles? That's also an option!

Harmonix explains the poll as a way to interact with its community and solicit fan response to future titles that are being considered. "With the release of Green Day: Rock Band just a few days away, we wanted to take the opportunity to ask all of you to tell us about which other artists you might want to see as the focus of future artist specific games." As you might imagine, though, the company says it's not planning on making any of these games for sure just yet. "This survey isn't a guarantee that Harmonix is going to make games based on any of these bands, but community feedback is and always has been absolutely invaluable to us in determining our focus within the world of Rock Band as we move forward." We're holding out hope that a group of hardcore Scott Stapp fans aren't secretly plotting to overwhelm the poll with requests for Creed: Rock Band.

[Via Blast Magazine]
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