HTC EVO suffering from glass separation issues?

Potential bad news for EVO owners: we're seeing plenty of reports from folks having issues with the lower portions of their screens. Conspiracy theories say that the adhesive holding the glass is failing, causing the screen to peel up a bit and embark on a very slow journey to capacitive independence. This separation is causing excessive light leakage from below, a problem that we noted in our review but apparently gets continually worse as users spend more time massaging their screens -- even those not being as hard on theirs as this guy was. No official response from HTC yet and we're not sure just what a fix could be, but we have seen people do some wonderful things with duct tape.

Update: Still no word from HTC, but Troy, a Sprint employee, e-mailed us to say he's not seen any phones being brought in for this issue at his store. He also indicated the phone is a "repairable device" so, if indeed this is something HTC deems worthy of repair it could be something able to be fixed without requiring a replacement. Here's to hoping...

[Thanks, Brandon; image courtesy of Ryan/Selfdestruct]