HTC EVO 4G subjected to harrowing barrage of scratch tests, holds its own

The thought of marring the EVO 4G's glorious 4.3-inch display sends shivers down our spine, but just remember: this is all in the name of science, and it's for the greater good. An Android Forums member was due to return his defective EVO to Sprint anyhow, so he figured he'd take the opportunity to run the lame duck unit through some torturous scratch tests including keys, a screw, a penny, and -- of course -- a razor blade. After everything was said and done, the EVO emerged victorious, so you shouldn't feel too bad about sticking it in your pocket with spare change knocking around (actually, yes, you still should feel bad about that). Then again, the camera lens didn't do as well, so the lesson is to use common sense and... you know, just handle your multi-hundred-dollar gadgets with care. Follow the break for all the harrowing test footage.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]