T-Mobile USA's Samsung Galaxy S to be called 'Vibrant'

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|06.24.10

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T-Mobile USA's Samsung Galaxy S to be called 'Vibrant'
So, we know AT&T's version of the Galaxy S is called the Captivate -- but what about T-Mobile? Earlier rumors that it'd be called "Vibrant" are all but confirmed today thanks to a carrier-run site that's slowly revealing a rebus puzzle... and so far, we can clearly see Sam + Sun + G and Viking - King + [unknown] + Ant. So yeah, that pretty much locks it up -- and with a Super AMOLED display on board, we'd say the name fits perfectly (and TmoNews claims to have the original image anyway, where the unknown portion is Bee + R). We're expecting some sort of US-focused Galaxy S announcement out of Sammy next Tuesday, so we imagine this'll be it.
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