EA Sports Online Pass redeemed by 60% of users, says EA

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EA Sports Online Pass redeemed by 60% of users, says EA
During EA's Q1 financial conference call, COO John Schappert discussed the success of the company's "Online Pass" initiative. According to Schappert, early results from NCAA Football 11 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 indicated that "sixty percent to seventy percent of online connected users" have redeemed a code for Online Pass. He noted further that "the level of online play is up" over last year, as is revenue from paid downloadable content.

When asked how Online Pass has impacted used game sales, Schappert noted that it's "too early to tell" but that EA is "encouraged by" the number of people playing online, and that the "extra gift" offered by Online Pass is "driving some of that adoption."

EA announced its Online Pass program earlier this year -- bundling a code with new copies of NCA Football 11 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 -- which allows access to online features like multiplayer (among other things). Those who choose to buy used copies of the games can purchase an Online Pass for an additional $10. The Online Pass program operates as part of "Project Ten Dollar," created to stop losses generated by the used game industry. Based on the numbers touted by Schappert, as well as those reported by EA for the quarter, the strategy just might be working.
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