Magic Eraser magically cleans your Apple products

Besides its usefulness cleaning walls, tables and shoes, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is excellent at cleaning many Apple products. If your white MacBook is starting to look brown and your Apple iPad Case has stains from who knows where, the Magic Eraser just may be your solution. And at $2.99 for a two-pack, it's not that big a gamble.

The Magic Eraser and similar products are made of melamine foam; for consumer household use, it acts like extremely fine sandpaper. This allows it to get into tiny grooves and pits to "erase" stains.

Per instructions on the package, just add some water to the Magic Eraser and begin gently -- and I repeat, gently -- rubbing it on the surface area of what you're cleaning. As you're dealing with electronics, it's a good idea to turn off the device and not use too much water.

With the Magic Eraser, I was able to remove all the grease from my burgers and French fries from my Apple iPad case. It looked almost new again.

Although Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser is one of the more commonly known brands of melamine foam-based cleaners, others exist. They include the 3M Scotch Brite Easy Erasing Pad and the Nano Sponge. Store brands, which are commonly less expensive, also exist and I've found them to work just as well as national brands.

As is the case with cleaning anything expensive, especially electronics, it'd be wise to be extra cautious. This includes test cleaning on a small area, and not over-applying water. TUAW & Aol assume no liability for any damage to your equipment caused by the use or misuse of this product.