Sony teases something smarter, our money's on Xperia

Sean Hollister
S. Hollister|08.08.10

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Sony teases something smarter, our money's on Xperia
Sony's website is slowly ticking down the hours, minutes and seconds until the company's latest product launch, but like all other Sony teasers in recent memory, there's little real doubt. If references to "X10" peppered through the site's source code left any doubt, this picture should clear it up -- mark our words, that's an Xperia X10 underneath the clock. Apparently the four-inch Android smartphone is finally ready for its US debut, though whether it's "smarter" or no will probably depend on which version of the OS it ships with. Expect an AT&T launch, and be sure to read our full review.

Update: As numerous commenters and tipsters have pointed out, Sony hasn't gone to much trouble to hide what's going on -- all you need to do to see the trademark Xperia logo is drop that image into a photo editor and crank up the brightness.

[Thanks, Jason]
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