Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, Samsung Eternity II hitting AT&T in the coming weeks?

You might remember that we'd said back in April that AT&T would be picking up the Sony Ericsson X10 in the 30th week of the year. Well, turns out we weren't exactly right, but it seems we're going to end up being pretty damn close. We're hearing that AT&T is lining up for a launch some time between the middle of August and the middle of September; smartphone data is required, of course, and it'll cost independent dealers $345 per unit (retail pricing is anyone's guess). Also launching in the same timeframe will be the Samsung Eternity II, a device BGR had mentioned back in June. No details on this one, but we'd assume it'll be a slicker, higher-spec follow-on to the original Eternity from way back in '08. Sadly, there's no indication these X10s will have anything other than the dusty Android 1.6-based platform they've been running everywhere since their global launch, so get ready to travel back in time if you end up cross-shopping this with the Captivate.

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]