SouthPeak publishing Stronghold 3 in early 2011

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SouthPeak publishing Stronghold 3 in early 2011
Update: SouthPeak has confirmed that Stronghold 3 will be released simultaneously online and at retail.

SouthPeak Games and Firefly Studios hope you're ready to build a third, really strong building for ... um ... holding stuff, as the two companies announced this week that they'll be bringing out Stronghold 3 in "the first quarter of 2011." The game is said to feature an "improved building system" and new "dramatic nighttime sieges."

The physics engine has also been given a refresh, with castles that "crumble into ruin before your eyes" -- hopefully not yours, of course! Stronghold 3 will get an "initial" digital-only release in early 2011, which SouthPeak says could be bolstered by a retail SKU. "A retail release is definitely not out of the question," the publisher said. "We want to deliver according to demand from the fans." So, what SouthPeak's saying is it depends on whether the game's digital release takes a strong enough hold on consumers' hearts, if you will? Ba-zing! %Gallery-99288%
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