Twinbird's Link Zabady gets SD card reader, the love of TV addicts everywhere

Joseph L. Flatley
J. Flatley|08.17.10

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Twinbird sure loves its little waterproof displays -- and you might too, if you spend a lot of time watching TV perilously close to water (that is, in the tub or doing dishes). Like its successors, the latest Link Zabady refresh comes with a 7-inch display, base station (with multiple A/V and S-video inputs), and remote. The device also boasts a new and improved waterproof body and an SD card reader for up to 16GB storage on the unit itself. MSRP is open, although Akihabara thinks you'll spend about ¥60,000 ($700) on one of these bad boys. Now, say "Twinbird Link Zabady" out loud five times fast.
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