Panasonic launches six new BDXL-compatible DVRs, the media you'll need to feed them

anasonic launches six new BDXL-compatible DVRs, the expensive media you'll need to feed them

The BDXL format offers 100GB on a single-sided disc, and while that sounds great for archiving content, we're a little leery about Hollywood adopting it to stuff even more deleted scenes on our discs. Why? Because no current Blu-ray players can read the things, and we can't say we're keen to buy another. We're getting a little closer to that kind of support with Panasonic's new Diga-series recorders. There are six in total, all shipping on September 15 and each offering dual tuners used to stuff HDDs ranging from 500GB up to 2TB. From there, content can be dumped onto BDXL discs, so Panny is also announcing availability of its first 100GB, single-sided, write-once media. Naturally BDXLs can also be played back on the things and, in all but the smallest two models, can even be played in 3D. We're still warming up to 3D, Panasonic, don't push too much change too fast.