Sony Alpha A55 and A33 hands-on

You didn't expect us to let something as delicious as Sony's all-new Translucent Mirror Technology slide by without us playing with it, did you? The freshly announced and priced A55 and A33 Alpha DSLRs slipped out in Taipei this morning, where our crack Engadget Chinese reporters were at the ready with their own picture-taking equipment. Early feedback describes the electronic viewfinder on these shooters as beautiful and very bright, though some rainbow-effect artifacting starts to become apparent if you shift your viewpoint. The bodies of the two new cameras appeared identical in the hand, with the big differences contained within, such as the A55's faster 10fps burst mode. The A33 is still no slouch at 7fps, though, and video of it chewing through pictures at that rate can be seen after the break. We've also got a sample from the camera itself showing off that fast continuous autofocus. All in all, our Chinese brethren found themselves mildly disappointed that Sony didn't go for a radical physical redesign given the internal rearrangements, but the performance and feature sets were nothing to complain about.%Gallery-100249%