Buy Metroid: Other M at GameStop, get $20 off MotionPlus remote bundle

Mom: Hi there, my son was asking for a new Wii game. Meteoroid or something.

GameStop clerk: He's probably looking for Metroid: Other M, the hot new action game from Nintendo.

Mom: Yes, that's the one! I'll take a copy, please.

Clerk: Ma'am, you're in luck, because we're offering $20 off the Wii Remote MotionPlus bundle with every purchase of Metroid: Other M.

Mom: That's okay. Geoffrey already has a remote.

Clerk: But this is MotionPlus. It adds a whole new level of sensitivity to the Wii experience!

Mom: Oh, so this meteoroid game needs that then?

Clerk: Well, no, but ...

Mom: It enhances it somehow?

Clerk: Not really.

Mom: Then why would I want that?

Clerk: ...

Mom: ... Just bag the game.