Nokia C7 first hands-on

We've just played with both black and silver versions of Nokia's just-announced C7 -- a phone that you might call an N8 for the masses -- and we think it's probably going to come away with the "sexiest Symbian device" crown by the time it's on shelves. We're a little concerned with screen sensitivity; on both the C7 and C6-01, we had a little difficulty getting home screen swipes to actuate -- but you never know what the deal is with these well-handled protos, so we're going to hold off on passing judgment until we've got retail units in our hands. The black's a little unnotable, but the silver really pops in person -- maybe it's just the lighting -- and the screen seems to perform nearly as well as the C6's so-called ClearBlack AMOLED, so unless you need a monster cam, the C7 might be your Symbian^3 device of choice when it launches later this year. Hit the gallery for shots of both colors!

Update: The display seemed to look as good as the C6-01's because we've confirmed that it is ClearBlack! Rock on.