Caption contest: not feeling so Mega today

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|09.19.10

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Caption contest: not feeling so Mega today
This year's Tokyo Game Show is naturally full of people in interesting costumes, but there was just... something about this Mega Man that caught our eye, making him stand out from the sea of similarly giant-headed mascots. Despite having a laser for an arm he just didn't look like he was having a particularly good day.

Josh T.:
"Ladies, here's one you don't want to miss. Tall, handsome, shoots fireballs, ice, or electricity from his left arm, total sex machine. Bidding starts at $200."
Tim: "You'd be making this face too if you had a saggy diaper that leaks."
Darren: "P90x... what a rip-off."
Paul: "If I have to star in one more shameless reissue cash-in..."
Sean: "...but not as dour as the day he posed for the original Mega Man box art."
Vlad: "Stewie was far from happy. He'd specifically asked for an aquamarine supervillain outfit, not turquoise. Philistines!"
Chris: "When he gets like this, autograph sessions usually end in a fatality or two."
Richard Lai: "Have you seen the size of his cannon in the Mega Man movie? No wonder he's mad."
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