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FloBox, FloBox Mini and Vital amp all include an iPad dock

FloBox, FloBox Mini and Vital amp all include an iPad dock
Ben Drawbaugh
Ben Drawbaugh|September 23, 2010 10:51 AM
FloBox from Speakercraft
It was only a matter of time before someone released a speaker system with an iPad dock, but there is more to Speakercraft's new lineup than a way to listen to music. The FloBox, its miniature version, and the Vital amp can also stream music via Apple's AirPlay, DLNA or Speakercraft's own Nirv system. The two FloBoxes also include a mini USB port to sync your i-device with iTunes. The Vital 250 is only available in black and will sell for $699 when it hits in the forth quarter. The two FloBoxes will be available in a black, white, silver, red or yellow high-gloss, piano finish with no word on price, but are also expected in a few months.
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New iPod® Docks From SpeakerCraft
Standalone music systems with impressive fidelity

RIVERSIDE, CA: September 21, 2010 SpeakerCraft, America's original manufacturer of in-wall speakers announced two personal music systems for the discriminating listener. Although there are a myriad of iPod docks that free the user from the necessity and restrictions of headphones, there are few that truly offer the performance of a dedicated home audio system.

The new systems from the Flo series will be called the FloBox and FloBox Mini. They feature integrated iPod/iPad/iPhone docks, as well as a CD drive on the larger version. Both models also include an FM tuner and a mini USB port allowing for sync with most digital delivery systems including iTunes.

"This project has been very rewarding as we were able to even further advance our focus on audio performance while delivering an aesthetically impressive product for the retail customer." said Jeff Francisco, SpeakerCraft's V.P. of Product Development. "We didn't want to just make noise," Francisco continued, "we wanted to make a statement and that is exactly what we have accomplished."

"There is an entire generation that has missed out on high-performance audio reproduction because of MP3 music delivered through cheap headphones and mediocre electronics," remarked Jeremy Burkhardt, SpeakerCraft's President. "We want them to experience a room filled with sound that completely changes there opinion of what music can sound like and that is exactly what the FloBox does."

The Flobox has a driver compliment of two 3 ½ inch mid-woofers and two ¾ inch dome tweeters supported by a single 5 ¼ inch subwoofer. The FloBox Mini has two 3 inch woofers and two ¾ inch tweeters. The two units will be available in a black, white, silver, red or yellow high-gloss, piano finish to either blend in or stand out in any environment.

SpeakerCraft, established in 1976, devoted itself for more than a decade to the design and development of architectural loudspeakers and became known as the prime OEM for many well-known, in-wall speaker brands in the field. In marketing its own brand, now one of the widest lines of architectural speakers and electronics in the industry, SpeakerCraft brings with it years of experience and a dedication to dealer satisfaction.

SpeakerCraft's iPad/iPod Integrated Amp
Introducing high-performance 2-channel audio to the next generation

RIVERSIDE, CA: September 21, 2010 SpeakerCraft, America's original manufacturer of in-wall speakers, announced an expansion of it's Vital receiver line. Unlike the Vital 710 and 910 models, the new Vital 250 is an integrated amplifier in a physically smaller format with a built-in iPod/iPad dock. Created to allow portable source and computer users to experience the magic of high-quality stereo reproduction, the 250 offers 50 watts of high current power and enough inputs and outputs to allow for a variety of different configurations.

"Many in the younger generation have never experience high-performance two-channel audio," said Jeremy Burkhardt, SpeakerCraft's President. "Most are relegated to headphones and the limited amplification n the portable units themselves. The Vital 250 and a pair of speakers with a subwoofer will give them an entire new appreciation for their music."

In addition to the built-in dock, auxiliary inputs and a dedicated sub out, the unit also has both a pre-out, a line out and even a composite video out for use within a more complex music or home theater system. The 250 also offers digital up-conversion for low bit-rate mp3 files. This technology improves the sound quality of even the most compressed music files.

Featuring the same industrial design as the Vital receivers, the 250 has a smaller footprint making it perfect for desktop placement next to a computer, on a bookshelf or on a nightstand. The 250 is a natural compliment for SpeakerCraft's new Roots series of subwoofers and satellite speakers, now dealers have a solution for cash and carry consumers who are looking for a dedicated audio system that requires no installation.

MSRP on the unit will be $699