Motion sensor-equipped HiSAVER power strip cuts power when you leave the room

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Motion sensor-equipped HiSAVER power strip cuts power when you leave the room
You probably wouldn't want to use it for all your electronics, but we're guessing that most folks could find a few uses for this new motion-sensor equipped HiSAVER power strip, which can automatically cut off power when you leave the room. To avoid too much powering on and off, the strip only shuts off power if it doesn't detect any motion for ten minutes, and it includes a master outlet and a second selectable outlet that can be kept on all the time if you like. No word on US availability just yet, but Tomauri has just announced that it'll be distributing the strip in Canada, and it promises that it'll save you between $30 and $50 a year on your power bill -- good thing, considering the power strip itself costs $110. Head on past the break for a quick video demonstration.
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Tomauri Inc. to Distribute HiSAVER Energy-Saving Surge Protectors in Canada

HISAVER, the revolutionary energy-saving surge protector, currently exclusively distributed in Canada through a new partnership between Tomauri Inc and HiSAVER.

Richmond Hill, ON (PRWEB) September 18, 2010

HiSAVER makes wasted electricity a thing of the past with motion sensor technology that powers down electronics when the user leaves the room; automatically and without any effort from the user. Energy consumption has become a problem in our technology-driven society due to the increased number of electronic devices in use in our homes and offices. Tomauri Inc would know best, being a long-running distributor of both computer and electronic parts and accessories, and no stranger to assisting the advance of new technologies and consumer electronics.

"It's easy to concentrate on the conveniences our electronic gadgets provide us while their growing thirst for power goes unnoticed," says Rob Sprumont, Tomauri's Director of Corporate Development. "Most don't realize how wasteful it can be to leave peripherals and chargers plugged in, even in standby mode, when not in use."

The more advances in technology that comes along, the more demand on power consumption there seems to be. And in a barely post-recession economy, no right mind is willing to spend extra on wasted energy. HiSAVER not only provides high quality surge protection, but also boasts revolutionary technology that powers down devices, saving electricity, when the user is not present. HiSAVER will save on energy consumption, save money on electricity bills, extend the life of electronic devices, and will also help reduce carbon footprints.

"About 15% of the average household's electricity use is from electronic devices such as televisions, computers, printers and DVD players. A good portion of that is what energy experts call 'vampire' use, devices sucking the power grid when you're asleep," said Vanessa McGrady, a spokeswoman for Southern California Edison in Rosemead.

For Tomauri, the new launch of the HISAVER brand will allow their network of resellers the opportunity to provide customers with this energy-saving, cost-effective solution for their electronically-driven lives both at home and at the office.

For additional information on this product announcement or further information about distribution and reseller opportunities, visit

About HiSAVER:
HISAVER is a green technology company that manufactures and markets a line of patented auto energy AI (Artificial Intelligence) products that save energy and save money with minimal effort by the user. HISAVER is an energy-saving surge protector that dramatically reduces power consumption of PC equipment, home theatre equipment and other electronic devices, using motion sensor technology. HISAVER eliminates standby power. The winner of several international Green Energy awards, including a Gold Medal at the 35th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, HISAVER offers a unique energy saving solution for business, government and consumers. No other surge protector saves more energy than HISAVER. Visit for additional information.

About Tomauri:
Founded in 1987, Tomauri, Inc. is a leading national importer and distributor of PC technology and accessory products. This includes connectivity solutions, power protection, blank media, productivity solutions, computer accessories, pointing devices, active and passive networking solutions, and other high-margin products. More information is available at

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