Kid's Walker fulfills your child's dream of piloting a kickass robot suit (video)

Four years ago Sakakibara Kikai brought us a $300,000 real-life BattleMech, and the company hasn't sat idle since then -- last December, it put the final touches on a significantly smaller exoskeleton designed specifically for children. The Kid's Walker stands just over five feet tall and weighs four hundred pounds, and though the gasoline-powered creature doesn't exactly walk, its wheeled feet definitely stroll around. The Japanese company told Gizmag the suit isn't presently for sale -- just rentals for now -- but would probably cost about 1.8 million yen (around $21,600) should it come to market. If you ask us, that's a small price to pay; everyone knows it's always the young mecha pilots that end up saving the world. Video after the break.