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The Land Walker robot hits the market

The Land Walker robot hits the market
Darren Murph
Darren Murph|August 4, 2006 4:33 PM
If having your own personal life sized Gundam model just isn't glamorous for you, we're thinking the Land Walker may just fit the bill. Last year we caught wind of Sakakibara Kikai's terrorizing mobile robot, but figured it was just another fantastic use of scrap metal and spare time. Apparently Masaaki Nagumo, the machine's inventor, thought otherwise -- the 3.4 meter tall robotic transporter is reportedly now on sale (made-to-order, of course) in Japan for about 36 million yen. For us Americans pondering this investment, that's over $300,000, and it's highly unlikely this 1 ton beast would get through customs even if the company were offering shipment outside of Japan. Although it's not likely to catch any robotic villains (nor bicyclists, actually) at 1.5 km/h, there's always the dueling guns that are locked and loaded with squishy pellets to show them you mean business. Outrageous though this bot may be, we're sure a few of you are still thinking over a purchase, so maybe the five minute demonstration after the break can help you pull the trigger.

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