LG Quantum first hands-on! (update: video)

LG's representing the QWERTY slider sector for AT&T during this Windows Phone 7 launch with its new Quantum handset (formerly known as the C900), which goes by the Optimus 7Q moniker outside the US. It's a little frumpy at first glance, but it's just as impressive under the hood as the rest of this lineup, so we'll give it some more time before we form our full impressions. Super early first impression? We love this keyboard. For now check out the gallery below.

Update: There's video after the break! Here are some thoughts:

We're very torn on the LG Quantum. From the outside you've got a design that can only be named as "frumpy," with wasteful curves and rubberized edges, along with the smallest screen of the AT&T bunch. Still, slide this puppy open (if you can manage, it has a really stiff mechanism), and you're treated with one of the best QWERTY keyboards in the business. Not only is each key nicely articulated and easily but responsively clicked, but you can really feel each key with your thumbs. It's the touch typist's dream, at least for the landscape orientation. %Gallery-104774%