The Incident update includes iPhone as iPad controller

Keith M
K. M|10.15.10

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The Incident update includes iPhone as iPad controller
The Incident as iPad controllerI'm a sucker for retro 8-bit games, and the addicting iPhone/iPad game The Incident is no exception. Its interface is simplistic, but gameplay is fast and fun. What's more, it's a universal app that costs only $1.99 -- a bargain!

The app has just recently undergone a significant update, including a new "Endless Night" mode, additional objects and music, and new balloon power-ups/downs. But the neatest addition to the app is the ability to use your iPad as the gameplay screen and an iPhone as the controller!

I gave the game a go in controller-mode, and it was surprisingly responsive. Tilt the phone to move Mr. Soloway to the left and right, tap the screen to jump -- that's all the controls you need, and they work flawlessly. Thankfully they made it difficult to accidentally tap out of controller mode, requiring you to use a slider to deactivate.

Of course, you need both an iPad and iPhone to try the new controller feature. If you have both, definitely give it a try. Hopefully we'll see a lot more games give this feature a go in the future.
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