In Sweden, laptop thieves return your data on a USB stick

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|10.19.10

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In Sweden, laptop thieves return your data on a USB stick
Thieves, as it turns out, can be very considerate people indeed. A Swedish professor, who has understandably asked to remain anonymous, informed his local newspaper recently of a tale informing his laptop bag, a trip to the laundry room, and one very gentlemanly law breaker. As the story goes, the scholar in question hid his backpack under a stairwell while taking care of some chores, only to find it vanished a few minutes later. After reporting the incident to the police, however, our professor returned to the scene of the crime to find his goods had returned, sans his laptop. Content with at least having his precious calendar and papers back, he carried on with his undoubtedly thrilling academic life, but there was one more twist to his tale -- the thief mailed him a USB memory stick with all his data on it. Ironically enough, the USB key was one the prof had lying around inside his bag already, and the thief did what the owner never bothered to: back up all data on a separate drive. It's a surreal (and potentially fictitious) tale, but it made us smile to read it all the same.
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