Game Boy decals for your iPhone 4

Keith M
K. M|10.26.10

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Game Boy decals for your iPhone 4
gameboy iphoneLooking to amaze and impress your gaming friends with a new decal for your iPhone 4? Well then feast your eyes on the Game Boy Color sticker for your iPhone!

The vinyl adhesive decal affixes to the back of your iPhone to give that retro-gaming look to your iDevice. The same seller makes the skin in other colors, as well as a classic Nintendo console controller. Each sells for US$6, and it's not exactly clear whether or not they're easily removed once the novelty has worn off. I guess you could always just stick it on a case.

Alright, maybe it won't so much amaze or impress. But old-school gamers will find them just nostalgic enough to prompt a purchase.

[via DVICE]
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