oStylus capacitive pen goes majorly on sale, now just $37.50

Darren Murph
D. Murph|11.01.10

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oStylus capacitive pen goes majorly on sale, now just $37.50
We didn't exactly think that the oStylus capacitive pen was a runaway hit at $75 plus shipping, but at half that? Now we're talking. Founder Andrew Goss just pinged us to say that the company's first capacitive pen is now selling for half of the original MSRP, or $37.50 for those terrible with numbers. The only difference is the shedding of a limited run engraving; these pens are still handmade in-studio, so the build quality will match that of the one we reviewed. We still maintain that this unit is best in the hands of doodlers, and capacitive input devices as a whole still have aways to go, but this ain't a bad price if you're looking to experiment.
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