Hasbro's $30 My3D goggle accessory brings 3D to iPhone, iPod touch

Updated ·1 min read

Truth be told, it's exactly what the world needed. More 3D gimmickry... on the iPhone and iPod touch, no less. With over 125 million of those two devices in circulation, Hasbro's betting that a new accessory will have a greater-than-average chance at taking off next Spring, with the My3D goggles set to put the View back in ViewMaster. Purportedly, the toy firm is expected to fully reveal the device to investors later today, with it being "aimed at both children and adults" and offering a 3D viewing experience on games, virtual travel, augmented reality apps and entertainment content. The device itself resembles a set of binoculars, and just as the aforementioned ViewMaster, there's a slot where you place your iPod touch or iPhone. Users will have to browse the App Store for compatible My3D content, with some of it to be offered up gratis. We're guessing more than a few curious consumers will bite at just $30, but how hard would it have been to get this thing onto store shelves next month? A holiday opportunity missed, Hasbro.

[Thanks, Bill]