LG enV Pro not canceled, just delayed?

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|11.11.10

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LG enV Pro not canceled, just delayed?
A trusted source has told us today that the LG enV Pro -- the latest incarnation of LG's line of dual-screen clamshells for Verizon, and the first with Android -- isn't actually canceled as we'd heard before. It is, however, delayed, with the launch currently scheduled for "some time in January." The good news is that the phone will launch with Android 2.2 installed, leading us to wonder whether the delay was put in place to give LG the time it needs to toss Eclair and get the Froyo build ready... so if this Nexus S happens soon with Gingerbread, they'll only be 0.1 behind. Not bad, we suppose -- but we're still hoping the phone looks more awesome in person.

[Thanks, Kal; image via Android Life]

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