LG enV Pro pictured, canceled for failure to 'impress' testers?

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|11.02.10

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LG enV Pro pictured, canceled for failure to 'impress' testers?
Yeah, kind of a good news / bad news type of situation here: the user's manual for the rumored Android-based LG enV Pro for Verizon has leaked, showing off the latest incarnation of the long-running QWERTY clamshell line in all its dual-screen glory. That's the good news. The bad news, though, is that Android and Me is reporting that it's apparently been pulled from the launch roadmap for failing to wow the folks testing it. At a glance, we can't say we'd blame them -- it certainly doesn't look like anything special, but then again, canceling a device at the last second is probably a small-scale contractual and financial nightmare for Verizon and LG alike... and we're guessing it's a situation they'd both like to avoid. Could it be sent back to the shop for retooling, or is it toast? And more importantly, does the Android-buying public care?

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