DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue coming to PC, Mac this year

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DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue coming to PC, Mac this year
The virtuous thongs of DeathSpank's sequel will arrive on PC and Mac later this year, EA has announced. DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue will launch on PC November 30, with a Mac release following on December 14 (the original DeathSpank will be released for Mac the same day as ToV -- that's a lot of spanking!). Like the console versions, Thongs of Virtue will cost $14.99.

DeathSpank: ToV comes with two pieces of free DLC at launch: "Snowy Mountain Dungeon" and "Sidekick Tankko: Half-man, half-spider, and all awesome." If you absolutely can't wait for next Tuesday, a minigame on the DeathSpank website ("DeathSpank: Spank This!") offers you a chance to win free stuff. One grand prize winner will get "a squawkin' chicken, a signed DeathSpank poster, a free copy of DeathSpank, and an Intel Core i7-870." All prize winners, actually, will get that squawkin' chicken, which leads us to believe there's a very large squawkin' chicken population at Hothead. That must make it hard to concentrate on programming.
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Get Spanked!

Have a hankering for DeathSpank but don't have a console? No problem! Hothead Games and EA are bringing you more of the 'Spank that you love by making DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue available for PC on November 30 and for Mac on December 14.

Gamers can lock their copy by pre-ordering Deathspank: TOV on PC via STEAM for only $14.99! Shortly thereafter, Hothead Games and EA will be bringing both the original DeathSpank and Deathspank: TOV to the Mac OSX on December 14 for the same low price of $14.99.

Gamers who download DeathSpank: TOV on PC or Mac will also receive two pieces of free downloadable content: the Snowy Mountain Dungeon, a terrifying dungeon frozen in the North and a new playable co-op character, Sidekick Tankko. Half-man, half-spider and all awesome, Sidekick Tankko is a deadly warrior who spews mighty clouds of poison and entraps enemies with his inescapable web attacks.

DeathSpank: TOV puts players in the mighty boots of DeathSpank in his quest to destroy the six mystical thongs which have taken over the universe by corrupting those who wear them. Players will travel through war-torn country sides, outer space and even the North Pole to fight in an epic battle against the Evil Santa. DeathSpank TOV also includes a local co-op mode, allowing a second player to aid DeathSpank in his search for the infamous thongs as either of his two trusty sidekicks, Sparkles the Wizard or Ninjatastic Steve.

But wait! There's more! Hothead Games partnered with EA and Intel to finally satisfy that chicken-spanking itch. Spank the chicken through rings, hazardous obstacles and compete for the longest wack with DeathSpank: Spank This! Visit to get your 'Spank on and enter to win cool prizes.
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