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iLuv rolls out iMM178 Vibe Plus iPod dock with built-in 'bed shaker'


Need a bit more than a regular alarm to get you up in the morning? Then you might just be a prime candidate for iLuv's new iMM178 Vibe Plus iPod dock / alarm clock, which will not only let you wake up to a favorite track, but shake your bed in the process. Of course, "shake" is likely a bit of an overstatement, but the bed shaker attachment (placed under a pillow) does have its own speaker and volume control, and promises to "wake up the heaviest of sleepers." Otherwise, the dock is pretty standard fare, and includes a large LCD display, dual alarm settings, an FM radio, and a pair of jAura speakers that promise added "depth and clarity." Look for this one at all the usual sources right now for $89.99.

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