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Rock Band Weekly: Lady Gaga, Cartman's 'Poker Face'


Don't even lie! You're just as excited as any club kid that boundary-pushing pop sensation Lady Gaga is coming to Rock Band next week. So, in the privacy of your living room, break out the tight-fitting pleather and get your jam on (to the tracks you, publicly, tell everyone you hate).

Of course, you could pretend you "accidentally" bought the Gaga Track Pack, when you actually meant to purchase South Park chubby charmer Eric Cartman's rendition of "Poker Face." Yup, that lil' ditty will also be available. See, now you can cover up that undeniable desire to go goo-goo for Gaga with a veil of irony!

Check out the full release list after the break.

Xbox 360 / Wii / PS3
Available: March 16 / March 18 (PS3)

Lady Gaga Pack 01 (560 / $7)*:
  • "Bad Romance" (160 / 200 Wii Points / $1.99)
  • "Just Dance" (160 / 200 Wii Points / $1.99)
  • "Monster" (160 / 200 Wii Points / $1.99)
  • "Poker Face" (160 / 200 Wii Points / $1.99)
Individual Tracks
  • Eric Cartman – "Poker Face" (160 / 200 Wii Points / $1.99)
*Track packs not available for purchase on Wii; all tracks sold individually.
Tracks also available in Lego Rock Band Music Store (which is none next week).

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