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Nintendo wins appeal in Anascape suit


There's a reasonable chance that you don't remember Anascape. Perhaps you remember the company that took Microsoft and Nintendo to court over its video game controller patents a few years back -- ring a bell? Specifically, in 2008, Nintendo was ordered to pay Anascape $21 million and faced the possibility of WaveBird, GameCube and Wii Classic Controllers being banned from sale. At the time, the fine and possible retail bans were put on hold while Nintendo appealed the case to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

Now, nearly two years later, the court has officially overturned the original verdict, nullifying the fine and potential bans. In a brief statement, Nintendo of America general council Rick Flamm said, "Today the Federal Circuit's ruling confirmed that none of Nintendo's controllers infringe. We appreciate that our position has been vindicated."

For the record, this isn't Nintendo's first patent infringement lawsuit and, given the history of such cases in the game industry, we doubt it will be its last.

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