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GameStop 'PowerUp Rewards' beta launches


The GameStop "PowerUp Rewards" beta has launched in "select areas," according to its website, which details the retailer's previoulsy proposed, new loyalty card program. PowerUp Rewards offers two memberships: a free version and a $15 "Pro" version. The free option entitles card holders to 10 Rewards "points" per dollar spent on new games and consoles, and 20 points per dollar spent on used purchases or earned through trade-ins. The Pro choice adds a buy two, get one free "welcome offer," 10 percent discounts and bonus points on various transactions, and a one-year Game Informer subscription. (The two enrollment options are more fully compared in the handy chart after the break).

Points can be put towards various rewards, including gift cards and Netflix subscriptions. Additionally, all PowerUp Rewards members receive "exclusive" offers, which could include special sales, early beta access to certain titles or invitations to events. A Kotaku tipster told the site that the program is currently available in Ohio, Tennessee and Missouri, though GameStop recently said the beta program would feature "four regions" and roll out in full this fall.

If you're a GameStop employee or new PowerUp Rewards member with more information on the program, we'd love to hear from you.

[Via Kotaku]

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