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Stream sits still for the camera, shows off its camcorder abilities (video)

Tim Stevens

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In these halcyon days of impromptu Vietnamese gadget reveals, it should come as no surprise that Acer's Stream has gone from FCC filing to hands-on honey in a few days flat. Now it's been the subject of a rather more thorough photo shoot in Ho Chi Minh City, and also was kind enough to share a little footage filmed from its five megapixel camera. Sadly, it's not raw 720p footage that was YouTube'd, so it's perhaps too early to draw conclusions -- but we'll go ahead and say the video doesn't look very good just the same. Still, it looks to be yet another intriguing entry to the Android assault, and we can't wait for the next leak.

Update: Thanks to kreatos for pointing out that there's a second, albeit shorter 720p video on YouTube as well. We've got that embedded below and it does indeed look a good bit better -- but you can certainly still tell it came from a cellphone.

[Thanks, Tran]

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