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Nobilis fires back at SouthPeak over My Baby IP, blames lack of payment for Majesco move


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Responding to recent legal action between former My Baby franchise publisher SouthPeak Games and new publisher Majesco Entertainment, My Baby developer (and IP owner) Nobilis has placed blame for the move on "uncured breaches from SouthPeak, notably for non-payment." In so many words, it appears that Nobilis -- like other SouthPeak debtors -- is still waiting on unpaid bills from the publisher.

Nobilis managing director Arnaud Blacher spoke with IndustryGamers regarding the lawsuit, saying that his company will also pursue litigation with SouthPeak over the issue. Furthermore, he confirmed that "all the contracts signed with SouthPeak in the US or in the UK have been terminated." As with most things legal, this situation is sure to get a lot more complicated long before we hear any sort of resolution. SouthPeak had yet to respond to a request for comment as of publishing.

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