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'Gal Gun' equipping love bullets, firing on Xbox 360


Nothing quite says "awkward Japanese video game stereotypes" like the trailer for the just revealed Gal Gun. Uncomfortable camera shots of Japanese high school girls, bizarre moan-like noises coming from said high school girls, and, of course, tentacles abound in the game's debut trailer (found after the break).

The game itself is an on-rails shooter in which you control the hand of "the most popular guy in school," who's trying to find his dream girl by shooting every lady he sees with a heart-firing pistol. Gal Gun is being developed by Inti Creates -- the folks behind Mega Man 9 and 10 -- so don't expect winning over the ladies to be easy.

As Eurogamer points out, no release date has been given for the game, and there's been no indication as to the possibility of a US release. Our money's on "not likely."

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