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UK carrier's roadmap points to October 21 release for Windows Phone 7, over 2,000 apps at launch

Vlad Savov

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The whole world and his neighbor's dog may already know when Windows Phone 7 will be announced, but when are the actual phones going to hit actual shelves? If you're in the US, that time still looks to be a month away, but the UK release window has just been narrowed down from late October to a single, albeit still speculative, date: October 21. Our tipster forwards the above snapshot from a Three UK document showing a "Windows 7Phone" nestled in between the BlackBerry Torch and Samsung Europa. Its Super AMOLED display tells us we're definitely looking at a Samsung handset, while the 4-inch diagonal suggests it'll be the Cetus (SGH-i916/7). This sheet of revelation also finally gives us a hint as to the number of apps WP7 will start off with, enumerating them at "over 2,000 at launch." We don't know why Microsoft's been so shy about that number -- 2,000 good apps are more than enough.

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