Samsung SGH-i916 spotted cuddling up to an iPhone 4 in the wilds of Canada

Unless our eyes deceive us most cruelly, the Samsung phone we see above looks identical to the i917 Windows Phone 7 handset we've been seeing all over the place. Curious then that it bears the title of SGH-i916. We can only surmise that there's some minuscule difference between the two phones, with this i916 purportedly set to ride Rogers airwaves up in Canada -- seemingly with none of Samsung's own branding anywhere on its shell. Another common feature it seems to share with the i917 is an AMOLED screen, judging by the deeper than deep black color it's capable of pushing out. See a much larger picture of the i916 after the break, and if you want an even better idea of how a 4-inch Samsung handset compares to the iPhone 4, visit our screen comparison test starring the Galaxy S.