Samsung Cetus i917 is in this video, automating your homes (video)

Believe it or not, we know most everything about the Samsung's Windows Phone 7-powered Cetus -- what it looks like, where it's going and what's inside, despite never seeing the device invoke a single pane of that Metro UI. Well, that's just changed with a new video from WMPowerUser, who tricked with WP7 program manager Charlie Kindel showing off his personal device -- albeit running a humble garage door opener app and thumbing through the dialer rather than showing a potent program of some sort. Still, that 4-inch AMOLED screen is very much in attendance, as you can see from the saturated orange squares above, and we'll just have to hope the last pieces of the Cetus puzzle -- release date and price -- come together in good time. Video after the break.

Update: It appears this is actually a clip from Microsoft's internal Channel 9 crew, going behind-the-scenes with part of the Windows Phone 7 team, as many have noted in comments. We've updated our links to reflect that.