Exclusive: Galaxy Tab, red / white BlackBerry Torch and Samsung Focus hitting AT&T in Q4

Mmm, delicious. That's the feeling we're left with after being inundated with yet another round of AT&T leaks, this time giving us insight at a few flagship devices on tap for the carrier's holiday push. First up is the Galaxy Tab -- an Android 2.2-based tablet that we had previously heard rumored for AT&T's airwaves. Thanks to a branded snapshot from the carrier's internals, we can confirm that the Tab will indeed be sold on Ma Bell, and it (along with three other new Android devices) will ship "prior to December." Moving on, we've got even more confirmation that the Samsung Cetus (i917) will be one of the operator's first Windows Phone 7 devices, and it looks as if a heretofore unheard of Samsung Focus and HTC Surround will be joining it. Better still, we've got it on good authority that three other WP7 handsets will be splashing down alongside those others in time for the holidays. As for the remaining BlackBerry loyalists, AT&T will be tempting you with a trio of limited run Torch motifs coming in "mid to late November," with an all-white version, red / black model and olive colored edition on tap. We'll be keeping an ear to the ground for more, naturally. %Gallery-102059%