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EFO's iPazzPort grows a touchpad and laser pointer, tickles our fancy

Darren Murph

What exactly is a fancy, anyway? As we ponder that, and other far-fetched meanings of life, we're forced to take a look a yet another mystery of our planet: EFO. Who are these guys? Where do they spend quality time? Did they ever consider that the iPazzPort would become a worldwide phenomenon? Merely months after rolling out a minuscule Bluetooth keyboard for controlling HTPCs and other doodads, the company is now outing a slightly larger version -- one with a multitouch trackpad on top of the keys. Oddly enough, it also saw fit to throw a laser pointer into the mix, though this version will rely on those tried-and-true RF frequencies for wireless communication. Check out a downright exhilarating video of it in action past the break, and tap that source link if you're eager to drop $55 (including shipping) on one.

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