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Munk Bogballe debuts Classic Bespoke luxury laptop line: $7,000 and way, way up

Darren Murph

With a name like Munk Bogballe, it has to be pricey... right? Right. 2.5 years after launching what's likely the most expensive MacBook of all time, the aforesaid purveyor of fine, fine mobile computers has introduced its Classic Bespoke collection -- at the Millionaire Fair in Moscow, no less. So, what does a base price of €5,200 ($7,180) buy you? A 5.1 pound slab of aluminum, accented with lush leather, a mahogany screen frame, freshwater pearl on / off button and oodles of gold. Oh, and a single line of diamonds, presumably for squeezing out six to ten more frames per second in Portal. You may also expect to get only the latest and greatest when it comes to technology, but you'd be badly mistaken; the standard configuration ships with a Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM and a paltry 500GB hard drive. If you're hot for an SSD, ostrich leather or an 18 carat gold power button, that'll be extra. Not like you really care, Mr. Millionaire.

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Munk Bogballe opened for the sale of its Classic Bespoke collection at the Millionaire Fair in Moscow

Munk Bogballe, the purveyor of fine personal computers, opened for the sale of its elegant Classic Bespoke collection at the Millionaire Fair in Moscow on 22 October. Customers from all over the world can now place orders and make enquiries via

Using classical materials such as leather, wood and precious metals the Munk Bogballe Classic Bespoke computers are produced and assembled in Denmark by a selection of highly skilled, seasoned craftsmen who appreciate the heritage and pursuit of excellence that characterises the Danish design tradition.

Each computer is made to order and a customer can choose between the following range of options:

Metal surfaces: aluminium – nature (standard)
aluminium – black
18 carat gold
Leather: calf – underside and in top plate: black, brown, red or royal blue (standard)
ostrich – in top plate only: black, brown
other leathers on request

Screen frame: Sipo mahogany (oil finish) (standard)

On/off button: freshwater pearl (standard)
18 carat gold
18 carat gold with ruby
18 carat gold with sapphire
18 carat gold with diamond
Single line pavé of diamonds

Price of standard configuration: 5200 Euro

The computer weighs 2.35 kilos and is equipped with the latest mobile technology such as the Intel Icore 5 processor, 4 GB memory and 500 GB hard drive. Operating system: Windows 7 (64 bit).

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