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Capcom: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd ships 3 million in Japan, 'fastest selling game in Capcom's history'


Japanese retailers are clamoring for copies of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd -- but you already knew that, right? The game has shipped another million copies since we last checked in (bringing the total up to three million), and Capcom now claims that Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is "the fastest selling game in Capcom's history." It's also the publisher's "fastest selling PSP title to date," though we imagine most of the competition for that milestone comes from other Monster Hunter games.

Capcom plans on extending the game's sales by pursuing a handful of promo campaigns in Japan -- events like "amusement installations located in metropolitan areas" and "large-scale promotions designed to maximize user participation." Large scale promotions .... because of the big big dragons, you see. In the game.

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