Improv Electronics shows off color-changing iPod touch cases, details upcoming Boogie Board 'Recorder'

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We haven't heard much from Improv Electronics since it first introduced its reflective LCD-equipped Boogie Board "writing tablet" last January, but the company's now back at CES with some new products and some new promises. The first of those is a new iPod touch case based on the same reflective (or "Reflex") display technology, which allows the case to change colors without the need for any power -- the company says it'll last "several years" before it finally dies out. Look for those to launch around the middle of the year for under $50, with iPhone cases expected to follow. The company's other upcoming product is a "Recorder" version of the existing Boogie Board, which we managed to check out in a very early prototype form but weren't able to photograph (though it admittedly wasn't much to look at). It will apparently be much like the current Boogie Board, but pack two buttons up top -- one to erase and one to save what you've written or drawn, which you'll then be able to transfer to your computer via USB. Look for it to launch in the third quarter of the year for "under $100."

Update: Video after the break!


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