Hauppauge is taking its HD component capture card internal

Ben Drawbaugh
B. Drawbaugh|01.07.11

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Hauppauge is taking its HD component capture card internal
It wasn't that long ago that recording HD from just about any source on a PC was cost prohibitive. Then along came Hauppauge's HD PVR and while it isn't without its issues and limitations, it gets the job done at an affordable price. One of those limitations is the rather large external enclosure and the wall-wart that powers it. Now Hauppauge has addressed those nit picks with the release of an internal PCI-E capture card for $159. The single card can record up to 1080i from either component or unencrypted HDMI and will start shipping later this month. The support is very similar it its external brother, in fact other than the form factor, the two are very similar in most every other way. Another pictures and technical details after the jump.
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Chipset List
ViXS XCode-3111
Analog Device ADV7441A
hynix H5PS5162FFR 512MB DDR2

Video Codecs:
AVC "H.264" encoding video codec up to 1080i
Note HD MPEG-2 recordings may have to be done by 3rdparty software developer such as SageTV or GBPVR becuase Hauppauge provides software will most likely not support HD MPEG-2 recordings.

Audio Codecs:


A/V RCA Jacks:
HDMI input (NoN-Encrypted HDMI signals up to 1080i)
Component, Left audio, Right audio
Toslink Digital Optical audio input
Loop through output for Component, Left audio, Right audio
Toslink Digital Optical audio output
IR Blaster

Bus Interface:
1x PCIe

Update to some question that some of you ask for
1: Will there be any MCE Support?
Yes, the same as with USB HD PVR.

2: When will it shipping start?
Probably right after the CES show, where it will be launched.

3: Cost of the Colossus?
Update $159
Keep in mind it's PCIe should allow people to build high end DVRs system and Media Server with out all of the headack probem that popup with USB Model.

4: Can this device down size the input source "another word take 1080 down to 480 realtime or is it just like the USB HD-PVR it only record at same rez as source input?
Working on it

5: What software package will hauppauge be using with it WinTV7 or Arcsoft?
Right now, they are still trying to select a software bundle. Both WinTV v7
and Windows Media Center work right now. They are looking at both Arcsoft and Corel DVD MovieFactory.
I put in a req for Plug-in drivers support like we use to have with the old Ulead DVD MovieFactory with the old PVR Model that way we can purchase the full ver which all know as has far better feature then the oem ver software.
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