Mitsubishi's 92- and 155-inch screens are bigger, biggest

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Richard Lawler
January 7, 2011 11:12 PM
Mitsubishi's 92- and 155-inch screens are bigger, biggest
After hearing about Mitsubishi's 92-inch DLP we just had to get our eyes on it and sure enough, we spotted models lurking around CES, along with the 155-inch display made up of OLED panels. There's not much to say about the DLP that we didn't cover during our 3D roundup, it's just bigger, with other changes and details still TBA -- we're waiting for 'em to cross the 100-inch mark -- while the OLED seemed suited to its potential purpose of lighting up stadiums and other similar areas, with rather impressive viewing angles although the seams in the panels were quite apparent up close.
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