Circboard brings fast typing to console controllers (video)

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|02.07.11

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Circboard brings fast typing to console controllers (video)
Entering any kind of text using a console gamepad is an exercise in frustration. Certain games have offered innovative solutions, like Beyond Good and Evil's infinitely spiraling letters, but none quite as simple as Circboard. It basically splits the keyboard into bunches, with the left analog stick on an Xbox 360 controller selecting a group of letters and then the right stick or buttons grabbing a specific letter. Shoulder bumpers handle space and backspace, while the left trigger does caps. Simple, easy -- and as of now just a demo. But, the team is looking to get its idea into a variety of games and other console apps, and they're looking for investors. You always did say that mutual funds were boring...

Update: Alfredo wrote in with some prior art that might make patenting this approach somewhat... difficult.

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