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Fisher Price releases iCan Play Case and Kid-Tough See Yourself Camera, you'll thank 'em

Joanna Stern
J. Stern|02.13.11

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Fisher Price releases iCan Play Case and Kid-Tough See Yourself Camera, you'll thank 'em
You know who you can count on to protect your technology? Fisher Price, that's who. We know, it sounds a bit crazy, but what other company out there is thinking about safeguarding your gadgets from those adorable yet greasy-handed kids? The company is kicking off Toy Fair with a few new gadgets that do just that, and first up, is that cute little Laugh & Learn iCan Play iPhone case up there. The $20 plastic enclosure stores any generation iPhone or iPod Touch and has a screen cover to protect your precious capacitive LCD from "dribbles and drool." Seriously, OtterBox has its work cut out -- the toy even has rattles and handles to entertain when mommy or daddy have to yank the phone out to make a call. And because looking at e-mails, texts, or apps could get bit boring for those three to 36-month-olds after awhile, Fisher is adding a few new Laugh & Learn apps to the App Store later this month.

What about the older kids, you ask? Well, they won't be interested in your brand new point-and-shoot when they've got a Kid-Tough See Yourself Camera of their own. Or at least that's what the company's hoping -- the plastic camera has a rotating 1.2 megapixel lens with a 4x zoom so kids can take pictures of themselves and then check it out on the 1.8-inch LCD screen. The shooter houses a SD card slot and is powered by four AA batteries. Sure, it doesn't have the latest and greatest specs, but what $70 camera do you know that can customize shots with "fun digital stamps"? We told you your gadgets would stay safe and sound. The iCan Play Case and Kid-Tough camera won't be available until this summer, but we've got the gallery of hands-on shots below so you can check 'em out earlier.
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