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Superheadz Necono 3 megapixel kitty camera might tolerate you (video)

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Superheadz Necono 3 megapixel kitty camera might tolerate you (video)
Wait, this isn't a crapgadget, although you couldn't be blamed for thinking as much about this three megapixel Necono digital camera from Japan's Superheadz. Hell, that's what we thought before digging into the feature list a bit. Based on a design from Lisa Larson, the cat features magnetic feet and a self-timer for creating whimsical self-portraits. A mic and CMOS sensor combine to record VGA videos or 3 megapixel JPEG images to microSDHC cards. The camera is available now for a tax inclusive price of ¥15,750 -- converted, we're talking a whopping $192, a price that doesn't even include the dedicated LCD dock which won't ship until May at the earliest. Sure, it won't be the best digital camera for your money but there's no denying its pure, unadulterated gadget appeal to kitty fetishists or any demographic that hops in place while clapping. See it in action after the break.

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