Immersion releases SDK to put haptics in Android, helps smartphones move what their makers gave them

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Immersion releases SDK to put haptics in Android, helps smartphones move what their makers gave them
About a month ago, we told you about Immersion's MOTIV dev platform to design Android apps with tactile feedback, and today its release has finally arrived. The SDK comes with predesigned haptic effects, sample code, and the ability to tweak the duration and intensity of the feedback -- allowing developers to perfectly tailor the amount of shake in your groove thang. Interested parties can hit up the source link for the SDK download and start indulging in the haptic dark arts immediately.
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Immersion Releases MOTIV™ SDK 1.0 for Android Developers

Immersion's MOTIV™ SDK provides developers with the tools to make apps rumble with tactile feedback

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 8, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Immersion Corporation (Nasdaq:IMMR), a leading developer and licensor of touch feedback technology, today announced the release of the MOTIV™ SDK 1.0, a tool kit for Android developers to integrate tactile feedback, or haptics, into their applications. The availability of the SDK completes the recent launch of Immersion's MOTIV Haptic Development Platform.

Available at, the MOTIV SDK gives Android developers access to hundreds of pre-designed haptic effects, code samples and resources to easily incorporate tactile feedback into their applications. Features of the MOTIV SDK 1.0 include:

Enhanced User Experience

-Apps designed with tactile feedback are more engaging and fun, and are differentiated in a crowded marketplace

-Developers can use haptics to create a more customized and realistic experience by adding the sense of touch. Examples of haptics being incorporated into apps include:

-Feeling the strings of a guitar app vibrate as the user strums the strings

-A player of a first-person shooter game feels a distinct difference in the kickback of a bazooka, versus a pistol or a laser

-Building anticipation (and pressure) through a crescendo effect as haptics sensations increase while time runs out during a timed application

-Enjoying the feeling of success as a puzzle confirms a successful move with a satisfying "snap"

-Adding a tactile effect helps a player adjust aim and provides context to improve accuracy

Easy to Use

-Library of pre-designed haptic effects directly accessible from the API means developers simply choose which explosion best matches the action in a game or what recoil the user should feel when they shoot a weapon

-The MOTIV effect preview app available on the Android Market provides a quick way for developers to experience and test effects on any Android handset

-Sample code provides the resources to easily incorporate effects into code


-Not all handsets are created equal; they utilize different underlying actuator technology and control software to create haptic feedback. The highest quality haptic experiences are found in handsets with Immersion's TouchSense® embedded software, which is found in many of today's Android handsets. However the MOTIV SDK is not restricted to just these handsets. The MOTIV SDK automatically optimizes haptic effects across all Android handsets to reduce code fragmentation while still providing a high quality experience for all.

-The MOTIV SDK currently supports Android 2.1 and later and is designed to be forward compatible. We intend to extend support into future Android releases.


-The MOTIV API, forum, and reference documentation are available for questions and troubleshooting

- Immersion is committed to listening to the development community as we work to continuously improve our SDK.

"We believe that haptics has the potential to fundamentally change and enhance the mobile user experience," explains Rob Lacroix, VP of Engineering at Immersion. "The MOTIV SDK is designed to eliminate the complexities of integration and allows developers to focus on the creative process of designing compelling new touch experiences for users."


Haptic feedback is always best experienced in person. Immersion will be demonstrating applications that utilize the MOTIV SDK and will be hosting a session on designing applications with haptics at the AnDevCon conference in San Francisco on Wednesday, March 9, 2011. If you're unable to experience MOTIV in person, download our MOTIV effect preview app or view our Virtual MOTIV Demonstrations.

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