Player identifies "huge security hole" in RIFT's authentication system, Trion seals it

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|03.19.11

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Player identifies "huge security hole" in RIFT's authentication system, Trion seals it
Hacking and account hijacking have been severe issues for RIFT ever since launch, even though Trion Worlds anticipated the onslaught from the beginning. Yesterday we saw Trion implement the so-called Coin Lock patch to prevent hackers from selling other players' items in-game, which some see as a novel (partial) solution to the problem.

However, this may not be enough to stop the truly malicious invaders from getting into RIFT accounts. One player, identified as "ManWitDaPlan" on the forums, claims to have circumvented the account login completely, leaving a "huge security hole" for hackers to exploit:

"I have verified the authentication system can be bypassed by successfully logging into another account without needing its credentials. Worse, all it took was about thirty seconds of time once I got all of the details locked down. I did trigger Coin Lock, but I was fully able to access that handy delete-character button, so this exploit is a griefer's dream. I will not post details on how to do this (so don't ask), but I'm positive that I can reproduce this at will and likely on any account on the system."

Later in the thread, a Trion representative added: "We have some things in the works right now and have been passing on your feedback, concerns, and thoughts throughout the day (no matter how radical or unlikely). Sharing sensitive information about our actions (no matter how broad) naturally also informs those carrying out these attacks. This puts us in a tight spot with how much information we can provide, and the questions we can answer."

And it looks as though the problem may be fixed, as ManWitDaPlan posted late last night: "Got word back from Steve Chamberlin, the development lead for Rift. This hole is sealed."
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